Gutes Stiften

The Berlin-based company “Gutes Stiften” is a consulting and management office for foundations in the field of science, art and music. It supports international foundations in management, administraion and marketing matters. Gutes Stiften’s work is hardly recognizable from the outside but centrally controls from the inside. Bridging this gap between background work and responsibilty has been the challenge in developing the brand design für Gutes Stiften.


Kollaborat created the visual appearance that sticks out with seriosity, understatement and a superior look. The word mark set in capital letters has been designed to emphasize the approach to individual consultancy. The modest color scheme is in harmony with the eloquent illustration style and the paper quality of print materials.

Seriosity, understatement and a superior look.

“The design charms me with its reluctant but slick look.”

Thomas Ebermann

Communication media

With print materials such as flyers, compliment cards, a stationery, and screen media such as website and presentation templates, Gutes Stiften is well equipped for any marketing needs.

Project facts

Time: since April 2012
Client: Gutes Stiften GmbH, Berlin
Job: Corporate design development and implementation