Visual appearance to Saint Mary Magdalene

In December 2019, four Catholic parishes from the east of Leipzig joined forces to form a large parish. How does that feel? And most importantly, how does it work?
Despite the many similarities, it is not easy for the actors to grow together. A typical merger problem where a common brand can be an essential part of the solution.

» One body - many members«

1. Kor. 12

Four becomes one - background

When the four parishes from Engelsdorf, Reudnitz, Schönefeld and Taucha merged to form a large parish in December 2019, they had already engaged in an exploratory process for three years. The development of a new brand was the first joint project in which something new for the future was developed for the first time.
Collaborat developed the brand of the newly founded parish Heilige Maria Magdalena Leipzig-Ost together with representatives of the four local congregations. A brand idea, brand values ​​and tonalities were developed from the upstream search process and from the patron saint already elected, St. Mary Magdalene.
The declared aim of the branding process was to allow the new parish to grow closer internally and to open it up further to the outside world.

Light and Life - Brand Development

In several workshops, the self-perception of the individual local communities was determined and various possibilities of a strategic merger and the associated external perception were discussed. The aim was to formulate a common consensus, the basis for the brand idea. Based on the biblical motto “You are the salt of the earth, you are the light of the world. Proclaim life! " we developed the new brand idea: "Light and life, to be and to give!" With the help of our strategy model, the brand was strategically presented, discussed and finally set up.

»Light and life, to be and to give!«

Corporate Design

The brand idea is the driving force behind the brand. "Light and life, to be and to give!" also became the guiding principle for corporate design. The spiritual light shines on everyday life and brings people together.

Logo development

The logo symbolizes the amalgamation of the four Leipzig municipalities. On the axes of a cross, they create a new, bright and open space for their community under the initials of the patron saint, Maria Magdalena.
The figurative mark symbolizes a coming together, an encounter, a gathering in common faith.
The way the two letters meet from four directions creates an optical illusion. This visual power pulls the viewer under its spell.

Colored light

The colors of the Maria Magdalena brand radiate the openness and freshness of the new community. The primary colors are warm and friendly. In combination with the secondary colors, strong contrasts are created that reflect the diversity in community life.


The world of images is conceived around the idea of ​​(spiritual) light in the human world. Photos show people's real life as it is; Recordings of everyday and contemplative moments, in community, in nature or individually, come close to people. It's about the little moments in which the spiritual light touches people or comes out through them. This is reinforced by a surreal glow in the photos. Image pictures are “light motifs” in which light sources create special moments.


The typeface mixes two levels of content. The formal and official content is communicated through the font "Draft B". As a clear and contemporary, sans serif font, it is used for factual information, classifications, etc. The historical-looking and rather extravagant "Sorts Mill Goudy" communicates on a personal, individual level. It is used for quotes, cover letters or prayer texts.

Layout system

The layout shows the coexistence of “living spirit alias light” and “concrete life”, which has many corners, edges and breaks. This visual contrast between the flickering, abstract light motifs in the background and the pentagonal design element in the middle distance is an essential part of the appearance of the parish.

shimmer versus angular


The guiding principle of the brand "Light and Life, being and giving!" Accompanies and shapes the newly merged communities from now on.
Kollaborat has given this strategic direction a distinctive face. In order to increase acceptance and accelerate implementation, the basic elements of the corporate design have been designed for uncomplicated use.

Project facts

Time: January 2020 – December 2020
Client: Parish Saint Maria Magdalena Leipzig-Ost
Industry: Church
Job: Brand strategy, Corporate Identity, Corporate Design, conception and implementation of the website, design of communication media
Participation: Jakob Gleisberg, Joey Förster