Work method


We want to tell stories in an aesthetically and functionally sophisticated manner, to find simple solutions together, to give answers to the questions of our partners and of their customers. As designers and strategists, we think like engineers: we follow defined processes, but remain open and agile, in order to adapt to the requirements of the respective industry and achieve the best design and strategy solutions. 
Divergence and convergence. Ratio and emotio. Engineering and brands.

Research and analysis

The starting point of our work is visual research and analysis. All those involved in the project are here given an objective and shared awareness of the brand presence. By taking the competitors into account, an overview of the competitive environment is created. Particularly positive examples are examined and presented. With a concluding analysis, we create connections, find contradictions, discover something exciting. We assess the brands and describe their potentials and risks.


Strategy and concept

A brand explanation workshop is a good starting point for the development of a brand strategy. This workshop with the brand’s decision-makers supplies perceptions and feelings regarding the company and its product and/or service. The requirements are discussed and we are granted insights into the company strategy. In a competitive environment, the current and future positioning of the brand is worked out. With the aid of individual exercises, talks and studies, the foundation is created for further steps: we develop a brand strategy with brand values and a mission. The brand idea is visualised with a mood board. A basis is thus created for many decisions in brand-relevant processes in the company.


After the rational requirements have been defined, they are filled with emotional deeds: logos that sum up the brand in one image, colours that are simple and yet unique at the same time, flexible layout principles that function in apps and on 18/1 posters, pictures that bring the world of the brand to life and typography that cleverly conveys the messages of the brand.
In the development of the brand, we take into account the requirements of future users, whether that be an advertising agency, marketing department or secretary – recognisability, simplicity, flexibility and precision.



We launch brands. We uncover innovations in the brands step by step with an unassuming and gentle entry. We bring brands to life in an extremely short span of time, with a hard launch with a carefully planned campaign. In each case, we consider internal and external exposure. Templates and digital models make possible the smooth deployment of the means of communication. This makes it easier for the customer and third parties such as advertising agencies or other communicators to vitalise the brand.


Brands are durable. So that the brand can continue to be vitalised by different partners after its launch, we document it in style guides. External partners such as advertising agencies, freelancers and fair builders, but also your employees, thus always have access to comprehensive information on the brand. Online style guides are ideal platforms for describing the brand and how to use it. In addition to information, documents such as templates and logo data are also kept constantly up to date and made available to the users.