– the Saxon Center for Cultural and Creative Economy is the first german conveyor that – straight out of and for the industry – is organized and led by associations from the cultural and creative dedicated people itself. The center works directly with participants from economic, cultural, urban, regional/rural development associations, networks and professional associations. The vision is an entrepreneurial professionalization of the creatives through accompaniment and support.
Based on the existing logo, we created a professional corporate design that communicates the fundamental values and character of the network KREATIVES SACHSEN.

The major corporate design challenge was to take two contrary groups of interest into account.


Since KREATIVES SACHSEN equally works with creatives but extern partners and representatives as well, the challenge was a communicative balancing act between these diverse groups of interest. It became the core of the corporate design.


Creative ribbon
The prior design element, the colored ribbon, emphasizes the participant through inclusion and detachment from the background. Symbolically speaking, the network combines different types of people and provides a stage. Through the colored ribbon, the use of color in the design is reduced which creates a new sense of quality.

Layout principle
While the position of the logo, the font and the colored background behind the typography offers consistency, the layout works with different design stages to enable a flexible and target group oriented communication. We defined the photographic imagery and formulated a briefing for future photographers.

Co branding
The representation of the partners and supporters of KREATIVES SACHSEN on communication mediums, is structured in three versions, that differentiate in scope, position and format. The stages WITHOUT, SHORT and LONG are explained in a matrix, that shows exemplary samples and helps with the implementation.

Design calculator
We created a calculator that helps implementing the corporate design. It calculates the font size, the size of the fonts background bar and the width of the ribbon, for individual format sizes. It guarantees uniform proportions between format, text and ribbon and therefor a continuous corporate design appearance.

Project facts

Project period: April 2018 – January 2019
Client: Landesverband der Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaft Sachsen e.V., Chemnitz
Task: Development and implementation of the corporate design based on an existing logo, logo revision, strategy for co-branding with partner brands, event branding, templates for print and social media, brand manual
Participation: Melissa Ristau, Jakob Gleisberg, Hendrik Möller
Photos: You X Ventures Studio - unsplash, Syda Productions -