Fair booth for Hydraulik Nord GmbH

Hydraulik Nord GmbH is a SME holding company that currently holds 13 subsidiaries in its three business segments, engineering, electronics and industrial services. Headquartered in Ludwigslust, around 1750 employees work for the group throughout Germany. The Group aims to innovatively development and connect all related operational units.

About drawing.

Drawing is the collaboration of the brain, eye and hand. In drawings, ideas get their shape. The visual testing and checking show the genius and the engineering performance. The Latin “ingenium” stands for the engineer with his “meaningful invention” or his “acumen”. This first moment of an incipient development with the aim of problem solving provides the images for the stand of Hydraulik Nord GmbH.

In drawings, ideas get their shape.

From abstract to concrete.

At the vertical parts of the booth, drawings and hand-written notes represent the truly first moment in the engineering feat. On the horizontal surfaces, the exhibit tables, the fina-like problem solving – the products are shown –. The connection between these two stages of development is the engineer himself, who presents his work to visitors at the booth.
The room is predominantly in white, so that only the exhibits emerge as colored accents. The drawings on the walls have rough contours that illustrate the gesture of the hand sketched. In the blue-colored, image-heavy environment of a mechanical engineering fair, the stand of Hydraulik Nord GmbH stood out strongly and represented the entire group as a strong, sympathetic and innovative network.

Project facts

Time: April 2015
Client: Hydraulik Nord GmbH, Ludwigslust
Business: Engineering, electronics and industrial services
Job: Concept and design of the booth wall graphics
In cooperation with Maria Weding