Kreatives Leipzig

Together with a working group from the board of the association and PR experts, the public perception of the established employee of the creative industry in the Leipzig country should be adapted to the new goals of Kreatives Leipzig. A communication concept was developed for this realignment and a new visual identity was sought. After researching the market environment, the actual state of the image, a precise formulation of the problem and a joint strategic positioning of the association with the public relations team, we developed a new corporate design. A former local association became a national acting stakeholder in an entire industry. This was not visible before and therefore not credible.

The laying game “Tangram” with originally seven tan parts is the source of ideas for the new brand Kreatives Leipzig.
The creative game offers endless possibilities of diverse constellations, to which Kreatives Leipzig is also capable and yet it gives a clear overall picture.
The game itself is creative and the origin of all creative creation – the image brand holds a huge potential for laying variants.

Project facts

Time: June 2015
Client: Kreatives Leipzig e.V. – Verband der Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaft
Business: Kreativwirtschaft
Job: Brand strategy, Corporate Design