Corporate Design Gramsch

Für das Planungsbüro Gramsch – Architektur + Gesamtplanung aus Leipzig entwickelte Kollaborat gemeinsam mit dem Architekten Stefan Gramsch eine visuelle Entsprechung seines Angebots. In einem Markenfindungsprozess stellten wir die Eckpfeiler seiner Markenidentität auf. Bohrten tief und steckten das Markenbauland präzise ab.
Als Generalplaner für Bauherren aus der Industrie bietet er eine ganzheitliche Planungsleistung und Projektsteuerung an. Die Gesamtheit des Bauvorhabens zu betreuen und das Projekt von allen Seiten zu betrachten ist die Fähigkeit von Gramsch – Architektur + Gesamtplanung. Das Plus steht für die positive Verbindung aus beidem.


The idea of the logo is a flexible structure that fits the needs of a builder. A few lines, as the origin of architecture draw a archaic shape that stands for modern design. The shape can be seen as a construction but also as the ground plan of a building. A “G” can be associated as well. The single components of the logo come together in a system, that variably combines the word mark, figurative mark and the descriptive addition.

Every projects needs different answers – I provide individual solutions.


Mint green and grey generate the color scheme of the brand. Combined they claim fresh innovation and solid neutrality. The warm grey is balancing and creates harmony. The technical mint green shows a strong contrast to the competitors. The usage and proportion of the colors is shown in a simple abstract.

Innovation and neutrality.


Modern facades made from expanded metal were the inspiration for a pattern in the corporate design. Via repetition of the Unicode sign 2211 of the brands corporate font we generated a pattern. For easy usage and accessibility it was included the font as well.

Stability and transparency.

Layout system

Similar to the markings of the construction ground, the corners and page halves are of special interest in the corporates layout. Elements such as the three logo parts, text, photographs and other additions are positioned in the corners and thereby define the format. The outcome is a flexible system, that follows the arrangements of the architect.

Project facts

Period: October 2018 - May 2019
Client: Gramsch – Architektur + Gesamtplanung, Leipzig

Business: construction industry
Task: Brand strategy, Corporate Identity, Corporate Design, office equipment
Participation: Jakob Gleisberg, Melissa Ristau